The very first publication of the Arizona Native Plant Society was the Arizona Native Plant Society Newsletter.  It functioned as both a source of information on current Society events (today we have our quarterly newsletter "Happenings") and information on plants related to plant biology, horticulture and conservation. In the Spring of 1981, the newsletter changed its name to the Arizona Native Plant Society Bulletin and one issue later was renamed again to the Plant Press, a name submitted by June Hirsch as part of a naming competition among Society members.  The Plant Press continued to function as the Society's newsletter but over time began to develop more in-depth content on native plants. 

Beginning in 2005, the Society began to publish Happenings as a Quarterly Newsletter for all state chapter activities. The Plant Press, now published biannually in themed issues, offers in-depth articles on a topic, such as Rare Plants, and the regular features such as book reviews, committee reports, and spotlights on specific native plants.

Listed below are back issues of the Plant Press including the newsletter and Bulletin issues that pre-date the formal name change, starting from the most recent to the oldest issue at the bottom.  Each issue includes articles about Arizona’s native flora. Click on the volume number to download a copy. An index of issues and topics from 1977-2006 can be downloaded here.  All of the authors comprise an outstanding list of botanists and scientists who have contributed an enormous wealth of information about the flora of Arizona that we are pleased to make available again.


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Vol 29 No 1 Fall 2005

Plant Conservation- N. Morin; AZ Biodiversity Conservation Assessment - B. Nowicki; Climate Change and its Implications for Plants, Water and People - J. Herring; Desert Yards and Desert Insects - J. Alcock;

Vol 28 No 1 Spring 2004

Long-Term Drought & AZ Flora - N. Morin; "Son of CAP" Threatens Gila River - J. Fonseca; Mazatzal Wilderness - C. Trask; Crossosoma - T. Burgess; Fire in the Desert - J. Titus; Velvet Mesquite - M. Johnson; Washingtonia filfera Native Palms of AZ - R. Harris; Native Plant Laws - J. Titus and E. Stanford;

Vol 27 No 2 Autumn 2003

Fires in Arizona's Grasslands - J. Titus; Two Rare Plants and the Warm Season Flora of a Unique Habitat in Pima County, Arizona - R.B.Duncan; The Tumamoc Globeberry - J. Fonseca; Late Spring Sightings - C. Trask;

Vol 27 No 1 Spring 2003

Nomenclature Changes-Orchidaceae of AZ/NM - R Coleman; E Mearns- B. Tellman; SC River Habitat Project-A. Philips;Drought Sightings  - C. Trask; Conservation in the Grand Canyon Region - L. Stevens/B. Perla; Fire in Lower Elev. Woodlands- J. Titus;

Vol 26 No 3 Autumn 2002

ANPS at 25 -R. Gass; NAZ Pine Forest Restoration - J. Springer; UA Arboretum - P. Waterfall; Casner RNA Plant List - M.Licher; 2002 Supplement - Flora of Gran Desierto & Rio Colorado -R. S. Felger, Fires in AZ Forests - J. Titus; The ASU Herbarium - S. Doane; AZ Botanists: C Wright - B. Tellman

Vol 26 No 2 Summer 2002

The Wolfberry - G. Bachman; Sonoran Trees for Landscape Use - R.S.Felger, M.B. Johnson, M.F.Wilson; Ocotillo Fencing Part 1: - K.L. Enyedy;

Vol 26 No 1 Winter 2002

Wit of Carolus Linnaeus - D. Austin; Rosewoods in the Desert - M.F. Irish; The UA Herbarium - P. Jenkins; Plant List-Winter-Gila Bend - M Martin

Vol 25 No 3 Autumn 2001

Plants Lists:Tools for Restoration -B. Kendall; Botanist -Jack Kaiser; DBG Herbarium- W. Hodgson; Hydrilla Invasion - E. Northam; Native Plant Laws in AZ- B. Tellman; Two Native Justicias - M.F.Irish; Desert Hackberries - J. Kreamer;

Vol 25 No 2 Spring 2001

Ragged Top and Ironwood NM - J. Wiens; AZ Naturalists VII: H S Gentry;: ASDM Herbarium- J.F. Wiens; On the Trail of Palo Christi - G. Frerich; Vascular Plants of Ragged Top 1987-2000 - J.F. Wiens; Vines - M.Y. Irish

Vol 25 No 1 Winter 2001

SD Conservation Plan- B. Tellman; DeaverHerbarium - T. Ayers; Rare Plants- Huachuca Mts - M. Tandy; Native Plant Nursery - G. Bachman; Invasive

Species:-J. Kreamer; Plant Propagation Trials of the SW Plateau - S. Holiday; AZ Botanists: A. Gray - B.Tellman

Vol 24 No 3 Autumn 2000

Variability in an Area Flora -D. Bertelsen;AZ Botanists : C. C. Parry- B. Tellman;   Floras of AZ NM . Pipe Springs NM-S.McLaughlin; Exotic Species, N AZ - R. Scott/ T.Ayers; Cyn Grape- Vitis arizonica- J. Kreamer; Barberries - M.F. Irish; Thoughts about Genotypes - H. Romppanen

Vol 24 No 2 Summer 2000

African sumac; Arizona Cliffrose - J. Machinski; AZ Botanists : H. L. Shantz - B. Tellman; Floras of AZ National Historic Sites: V. Hubbell Trading Post NHS - S. McLaughlin; Landscape Tips: Abutilon thurberi - M.F. Irish;


Vol 24 No 1 Winter 2000

Lady Bird Wildflower Center ; AZ  Botanists : W.H. Emory - B. Tellman; Tips for AZ Trees - J. Kreamer; Floras of Arizona National Park. Petrified Forest NP - S. McLaughlin;

Vol 23 No 3 Autumn 99

Ironwood Alliance - J. Kreamer; Rare Plant: Adenophyllum wrightii - J. Shortman; AZ Botanists: C.G. Pringle; Exotic Species -Salvina molesta.B. Tellman; Marrubium vilgare at Fort Bowie  NHS - B. Reese; Floras of AZ NHS-Casa Grande Ruins NM- S. McLaughlin; Ethnobotany :Arizona black walnut

Vol 23 No 2 Summer 99

Non-Timber Harvest of "Vara Blanca" in S Sonora, Mexico - C. Lyndquist; AZ Botanists: J.G. Lemmon & Wife  - B. Tellman; Plant Rarity in AZ - J. Anderson; Unique Flora: Pedicactus sileri - S. Rutman; Mason Audubon Ctr Plants -J.K. Ethnobotany :Mullein - J. Kreamer;

Vol 23 No 1 Winter 99

The Mason Institute - J. Kreamer; Jatrophas - J. Shortman; AZ Botanists : Josiah Gregg - B. Tellman; Floras of AZ Historic Sites . Montezuma Castle NM (cont.) - S. McLaughlin; Patten Herbal Collection, Ethnobotany : Elderberry - J. Kreamer;

Vol 22 No 3 Autumn 98

Signal Pk Gardens - S. Weik; Member Survey - M. Tiede/ B. Skye; Unique Flora . Sapium biloculare;  Plants of AZ Historic Sites . Montezuma Castle NM - S. McLaughlin; Exotic Weed Watch - J. Floyd,AZ Botanists.  E. Palmer ;

Vol 22 No 2 Summer 98

Our Unique Flora: I. Canotia holacantha - S. Rutman; Plants of Arizona Historic Sites I. Wupatki NM- S. McLaughlin

Vol 22 No 1 Spring 98

The Role of Native Plants in Management of Highway Vegetation - C.R. Taylor;

Vol 21 No 2 Summer 97

Preserving Tradition (and Plants) in the Tohono O'odham Nation - J, Francisco; Gardening with Native Four O'Clocks-Mirablis spp. - B. Wilson

Vol 21 No 1 Winter 97

Red Rock State Park:Vascular Plant List - N.B. Herkenham ; Continental Ranch Revegation Project - J. Fonseca

Vol 20 No 3 Spring 96

Challenge of Bio-Pollution-R. Westbrooks and R Eplee; Gardening with Agaves-G. Starr; Pantano Jungle Revegetation-J Fonseca

Vol 20 No 2 Spring 96

Tonto Basin Agave: A living relic of pre-Columbian Cultures? - B. Backhaus; Penstemon's Hummingbird's Delight - G. Starr;

Vol 20 No 1 Winter 96

The Vegetation of the  Pan Quemado, Plant List- J.F. Wiens;

Vol 19 No 2 Summer 95

Plants for the Shade; Plants of Hospital Flat, Treasure Park and Big Creek - Pinaleno Mtns - S. McLaughlin and N. Stallcup;

Vol 19 No 1 Winter 95

Mychorrhizal Assns in SW North American- J. Stutz; Is Mesquite Native to Southeast Arizona - J. Fonseca;

Vol 18 No 3 Fall 94

Exotic Plants - Environmental Weeds? - D. James; DELEP-Studying the World's Legumes - M. Johnson; Plant Checklist Picketpost RNA, Superior AZ - D.L. Magney et. al;

Vol 18 No 2 Spring 94

Common Ferns of S. Arizona - J. Kaiser; Riparian Protection Meeting

Vol 18 No 1 Winter 94

McDowell Sonoran Land Trust-D.Brennan, Collecting Trip to NW Mexico - G. Starr, Impact of Forest Roads-J.Fonseca

Vol 17 No 4 Fall 93

Arizona Native Plant Law - W. McGinnis; Our Unique Flora:Verde Valley Limestone Plants - S. Rutman; Common Flora of Finger Rock Cyn/Mount Kimball - D Bertelsen

Vol 17 No 3 Summer 93

Scientific Achievements of the Desert Laboratory, Tumamoc Hill, Tucson Arizona: Part II - J. Bowers; Native Plants and Space - W. Sherbrooke

Vol 17 No 1/2 Spring 93

Achievements of the Desert Laboratory, Tucson Arizona: Part I - J. Bowers; Sand Dunes of the Sonoran Desert - S. McLaughlin and J. Bowers; The Champion Trees of Arizona - R. Zahner;

Vol 16 No 3 Fall 92

Arizona Honeysuckle - M. Johnson; What is a Native Plant - B. Tellman; Arizona Rare Plant Program - S. Rutman

Vol 16 No 2 Summer 92

The Ironwood Task Force - B. Backhaus; Desert Smoke Tree: M. Johnson; Carex specuicola - S. Rutman;

Vol 16 No 1 Spring 92

Jojoba: A Dry Farming Experience; The Native Landscaper:Alkali Pink - B. Wilson; In Memorium: Vernon Kleuver.

Vol 15 No 3/4 Fall 91

Blue Yucca - M. Johnson; Flora of Garden Canyon, Huachuca Mountains - N. Stallcup; Arizona Leather Flower - J. Machinsky;

Vol 15 No 2 Summer 91

Silverbell Mtn Flora - J. Wiens; The Lost Landscape - Sonoran Saltbush Desertscrub - L. Jackson; Sonoran Tree Catclaw - M. Johnson

Vol 15 No 1 Spring 91

AZ Natural Heritage Prog -L.Brewer; White-margin Beard tongue - C. Button; List-Tent Rocks- A. Green/ J. Searle; Chih. Whitethorn- M. Johnson

Vol 14 No 2 Summer 90

C. Hart Merriam: AZ Biologist - B. Phillips; The Sacred Apple - M. Plagens; AZ willow - S. Rutman; Gary Nabham Receive Two Prestigious Awards

Vol 14 No 1 Spring 90

Our Unique Arizona Flora: Acuna Cactus - S. Rutman; Provisional List for White Canyon, Pinal County

Vol 13 No 3 Fall 89

Succulent Hill, Baja California - G. Joseph; Field Notes on a Springtime Trip to the ASDM - P. Boles; Lemon Lily - S. Rutman;

Vol 13 No 2 Summer 89

Native Shrubby Comps - M. Johnson; Native Legumes for Landscape Use - M. Johnson; Plants for an Allergen Free Yard - K. Breunig

Vol 13 No 1 Spring 89

Use of Regional Native Flora for Desert Landscaping - K. Reichardt; Grasses in Santa Catalina State Park - H. Miller

Vol 12 No 3  Fall 88

Desert Legumes - H. Miller; Desert Seasons - T. Burgess; Palo Verde Removal - K. Dahl; Sentry Milk Vetch - S. Rutman

Vol 12 No 2   Summer 88

Botanical Illegal Aliens - H. Miller; Pilostyles, Strange Desert Parasite- R. Felger;

Vol 12 No 1 Spring 88

After K&P What? - H . Miller; Hopi Lima Beans - K. Dahl;Tamarisk Control - S. Johnson;

Vol 11 No 2 Fall 87

Transplanting Large Trees - M. Dimmitt; Agave Vilmoriniana - T. Clark;

Vol 11 No 1 Spring 87

Creating a Desert Corner - M.; Johnson; What is that Grass - H. Miller

Vol 10 No 1 Spring 86

Go Chihuahuan - K. Newland

Vol 9 No 4   Winter 85

Amaranth Family - The Book of Wildflowers; Forcing Saucers of Tiny Bulbs

Vol 9 No 3  Fall 85

AZ Native Plant Law May be Strengthened- M. Butterwick

Vol 9 No 2  Summer 85

Boyce Forman's Annual Gardening Guide Part II

Vol 9 No 1  Spring 85

The Endangered Plant Program in Arizona - A Summary - M. Butterwick

Vol 8 No 4  Winter 84

Transition Zone Hort. Inst.- J. Milne, Research Increase on nitrogen fixation - M. Gallagher

Vol 8 No 3 Summer 84

20 Columnar Cacti for Landscape Use in Central and Southern Arizona - K. Newland

Vol 8 No 2  Spring 84

Rare Plant Update, Wilderness Bill Passed

Vol 8 No 1 Winter 84

DBG and AZ Botanical Garden Asso. - Their Commitment to Rare Endangered Plant Program - W. Hodgson

Vol 7 No 2 Fall 83

Fish and Wildlife Services to list three plants, AZ Wilderness Bill

Vol 7 No 1 Spring 83

Groundcovers for Desert Landscapes - G. Starr; Desert Plant Strategies - M. Kurzius

Vol 6 No 1/2 Summer 82

Desert Landscaping - G. Starr; Fern Talk - G. Yatskievych

Vol 5 No 3 Winter 81

Irrigating the Desert Landscape - G. Joseph; C. Hart Merriam Life Zone Concept - FW Reichenbacher, Jr.

Vol 5 No 2 Summer 81

AZ Endemic Plants- T. VanDevender; Native Plants- Birds-M. Pierce; Trees-Landscaping - G. Starr; Ferns- Yatskievych

Vol 5 No 1 Spring 81

Special Plants of AZ-T. VanDevender; Special Plant Communities of AZ - Arizona Dunescrub- FW Reichenbacher, Jr.

Vol 4 No 4  Winter 80/81

Special Plant Comm. in AZ-Granite Mts- FW Reichenbacher, Jr.; Special Plants of Arizona - Tom VanDevender

Vol 4 No 3 September 80

Chiricahua Workshop, Meeting Notes

Vol 4 No 2 June 80

Alpine tundra of AZ- FW Reichenbacher, Jr.; Special plants of AZ- Tom VanDevender

Vol 4 No 1 March 80

Relict plants of AZ - J. Bowers; Special plants of AZ-T. VanDevender; Plant Comm. of AZ-F.W. Reichenbacher, Jr.

Vol 3 No 3/4 Winter 79

Plants that Poison

Vol 3 No 2 Fall 79

Nature Loves Yellow, Ramsey Cyn-Lillium parryii

Vol 3 No 1 Spring 79

December 1980 Freeze effect

Vol 2 No 2 Summer 78

Leaf terminology used in plant identification

Vol 2 No 1 Spring 78

Spanish-named medicinal plants of Arizona-Frank S. Crosswhite

Vol 1 No 3 Winter 77

Southwestern woody-trunked prickly pears

Vol 1 No 2 Summer 77

Growing Mesquite from Seed; Desert Willow; Ron Gass Re-Discovers Pentemon x crideri; Chaparall tea

Vol 1 No 1 March 77

American Desert diagram; opening of ASDM Desert Garden