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Volunteer Opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities provide chances to help with important plant surveys, seed collecting, and contribute to the restoration of degraded habitat. These opportunities help link AZNPS members with land managers and allied conservation organizations.


Here are some contacts for opportunities to help promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of northern Arizona's native plants and their habitats, the mission of the Arizona Native Plant Society.


Grand Canyon Trust Volunteers

Volunteers are absolutely essential to our organization and partner's efforts to preserve and protect the natural resources and beauty of the Colorado Plateau. The Grand Canyon Trust Volunteer Program gives volunteers the opportunity to become stewards of this area, which is home to 15 Native American tribes and 29 national parks and monuments and 26 wilderness areas — America’s densest concentration of celebrated landscapes. If interested, please look for upcoming projects on our website.

Budding Botanist's Program

The Plant Atlas of Arizona Project (PAPAZ) is a partnership with the Arizona Native Plant Society, Grand Canyon Trust, Desert Botanical Garden, Forest Service, Northern Arizona University, and Museum of Northern Arizona to document the plant diversity of Arizona by training volunteer botanists to assist on research and collecting excursions.

AZNPS and The Grand Canyon Trust have several volunteer opportunities for Budding Botanists associated with the Plant Atlas Project of Arizona. Get out in the field and work alongside regional botany experts to complete important inventory and monitoring projects throughout northern Arizona.

Visit Budding Botanist program webpage to see more information about these projects and sign up to volunteer.

Here are some contacts for opportunities to help promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and restoration of northern Arizona's native plants and their habitats, the mission of the Arizona Native Plant Society:

Kirstin Olmon, Museum of Northern Arizona, native seed sorting and planting

Sheila Murray, Horticulturalist, Arboretum at Flagstaff, native seed sorting, greenhouse work

Debbie Crisp, Forest Botanist, Coconino National Forest,     analysing field data, researching native plants for development of field training guides, organizing files, proposal writing, plant ID, mounting herbarium specimens

Barb Phillips, Arizona Native Plant Society and Forest Service (retired), researching native plants for AZNPS brochures, editorial and photographic skills; proposal writing for AZNPS projects like PAPAZ

Tina Ayers, Deaver Herbarium, NAU, mounting herbarium specimens, filing; (may require previous training)

Scott Harger, San Francisco Peaks Weed Management Area and Coconino Natural Resource Conservation District Range Conservationist, communicating about invasive plants and rangeland plant communities

Steve Gatewood, San Francisco Peaks Weed Management Area Coordinator, communicating about invasive plants


Phoenix Weedwackers

The Phoenix Weedwackers, a volunteer group formed to help eradicate invasive species such as buffelgrass from the Phoenix Mountain Preserves, started their work in December of 2006 at Piestewa Peak in Phoenix. With an average of 20 volunteers a month they have made a significant impact in many areas of these preserves. To volunteer with the group, please contact, and to see past work events visit their website.

Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (VOAz) conducts trails and conservation projects in cooperation with public and private managers of protected lands to preserve, and maintain our state's valuable natural resources. Most events are one or two days on weekends.

Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
2140 East 5th Street, Suite 8
Tempe, AZ 85281


For many years, AZNPS has led invasive plant control and restoration efforts on the Ironwood Forest National Monument. These efforts include desert restoration of an 18 acre disturbed piece of land to its Sonora Upland Desert Landscape, buffelgrass eradication on the Watermans, and bermuda grass control in a beautiful desert wash under Ragged Top Peak. For more information please contact John Scheuring by email or at 520-404-6758.

The Sonoran Desert Weedwackers have been removing invasive grasses from Tucson Mountain Park since 2000.

Saguaro National Park Weedwackers meet every second Saturday,removing invasive grasses from SNP-East. They meet at the Visitor Center of the Rincon Mountain District. The Park provides all the necessary tools, including gloves for those who do not have them. For more information contact their Volunteer Coordinator, Saguaro National Park, 520-733-5187.


Pima County Native Plant Nursery


Do you like native plants and cactus?  Pima County’s Native Plant Nursery is looking for volunteers to help care for over 18,000 native plants to be used in public projects.  The Native Plant Nursery is located at 5845 N. Camino de la Tierra.  For more information, contact Jessie Byrd, Native Plant Nursery Manager, 488-8022 or


UA Herbarium Volunteers


The University of Arizona Herbarium (located in Herring Hall) is looking for a few steady volunteers. We are in need of help with databasing herbarium labels, with miscellaneous projects and occasionally with mounting herbarium specimens. If you would like to contribute to making specimens available for research, then please contact the herbarium by email or call 621-7243.

Cochise County Herbarium Volunteers


The Cochise County Herbarium (located in the Plant Science Center, 1140 N. Colombo Ave, Sierra Vista) is looking for a few steady volunteers to mount plant specimens, enter data and identify plants. Please contact Cecile Lumer at the herbarium by email or call 520-458-8278 ext. 2172 or 520-432-4294.