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Arizona Native Plant Society is pleased to announce the release of Grow Native: Don't Plant a Pest!

Preserve our native flora by choosing the appropriate plants for your landscaping. Visit the Grow Native website and download the brochure.




Watch the new video for Grow Native: Don't Plant a Pest and learn about impacts of introducing non-native plants into our state and alternatives to their use.


Description of the "Grow Native! Don't Plant a Pest" campaign.
Impacts of Invasives
Fountain grass and buffelgrass in particular are serious fire hazards (to our communities and to the desert)!
Contents of the downloadable "Grow Native" brochure
Learn how to recognize invasive ornamental plants often used in landscaping and see suggested native alternatives.
Other native alternatives
Here are some more native plant alternatives that are not contained in the brochure.
What can you do?
Here are steps you can take to help protect our native desert flora. First step: download the "Grow Native" brochure!


Brad Lancaster's Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond website includes a list of native plants used in the Sin Agua Garden (without water) featuring desert landscaping using only harvested rainwater.