Member Publications

John Alcock: 

  • Sonoran Desert Spring, University of Chicago Press, 1985.
  • Sonoran Desert Summer, University of Arizona Press, 1990.
  • In a Desert Garden: Love and Death Among the Insects, W.W. Norton, 1997.

Dan Austin: 

  • Baboquivari Mountain Plants; Identification, Ecology, and Ethnobotany, University of Arizona Press, 2010.

Janice Emily Bowers

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  • Flowers & Shrubs of the Mojave Desert, Western National Parks Asso., 1999.
  • The Best Spring Ever: Why El Nino Makes the Desert Bloom, California Native Plant Society, 2004.

Linda Brewer:

  • Vanishing Circles: Portraits of Disappearing Wildlife of the Sonoran Desert Regions, Arizona-Sonora Museum Press, 2010.

Bill Broyles:

  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Where Edges Meet,Western National Parks Asso., 1997.
  • Our Sonoran Desert, Rio Nuevo Publisher, 2003.
  • Sunshot : peril and wonder in the Gran Desierto, University of Arizona Press, 2006.
  • and Richard Felger:
  • Dry Borders; Great Natural Preserves of the Sonoran Desert,  University of Utah Press, 2007.

Ron Coleman:

  • The Wild Orchids of Arizona and New Mexico, Cornell University Press, 2002.

Kevin Dahl:

  • Wild Foods of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press, 1995.
  • Native Harvest: Authentic Southwestern Gardening, Western National Parks Asso., 2006.

Mark Dimmitt, George Montgomery and Richard Brusca:

  • Desert Gardens: A Photographic Tour of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Cold Springs Press, 2010.

Richard Felger:

  • Flora of the Gran Desierto and Rio Colorado of Northwestern Mexico, University of Arizona Press, 2000.
  • and Bill Broyles:
  • Dry Borders; Great Natural Preserves of the Sonoran Desert,  University of Utah Press, 2007.
  • and Rafaela Paredes Aguilar and Thomas Van Devender:
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  • and Jean-Luc E. Cartron and Gerardo Ceballos:
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  • and Matthew Johnson and Michael Wilson:
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  • and Mary Beck Moser:
  • People of the Desert & Sea; Ethnobotany of the Seri Indians, University of Arizona Press, 1985.

Tom Fleischner:

  • Singing Stone: A Natural History of the Escalante Canyons, University of Utah Press, 1999.
  • Desert Wetlands, University of New Mexico Press, 2005.

Christy Hastings:

  • with Steven H. Morgan, Melanie R. Lefever:
  • Wildscaping: a Central Arizona Highlands Native Planting Guide, Highlands Center for Natural History, 2001.

Wendy Hodgson:

  • Food Plants of the Sonoran Desert, University of Arizona Press, 2001.

Lori Makarick and Kate Watters:

  • River & Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon,  Mountain Press Publishing, 2006.

Gary and Mary Irish:

  • Agaves, Yuccas, and Related Plants: A Gardener's Guide, Timber Press, 2000.

Mary Irish:

  • Gardening in the Desert: A Guide to Plant Selection and Care, University of Arizona Press, 2000.
  • Arizona Gardeners' Guide, Cold Springs Press, 2002.
  • Perennials for the Southwest: Plants that Flourish in Arid Gardens, Timber Press, 2006.
  • Trees and Shrubs for the Southwest: Woody Plants for Arid Gardens, Timber Press, 2008.
  • Month by Month Gardening in the Deserts of Arizona, Cold Springs Press, 2008.

Matt Johnson:

  • Cacti, other Succulents, and Unusual Xerophytes of Southern Arizona, Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum, 2004.

Susan Lamb:

  • Montezuma Castle National Monument, Western National Parks Association, 1993.
  • Grand Canyon Nature Notes (editor), Grand Canyon Association, 1994.
  • Grand Canyon: The Vault of Heaven, Grand Canyon Association, 1995.
  • Wupatki National Monument, Western National Parks Association, 1995.
  • Wildflowers of the Plateau and Canyon Country, Companion Press, 1996.
  • Pueblo and Mission, Northland Publishing, 1997.
  • Arizona’s Scenic Seasons, Arizona Highways Books, 2009.
  • Flagstaff's Wild Canyons: Canyons and Mesas of the Walnut Canyon Study  Area read online, 2011.

Brad Lancaster:

  • Rainwater harvesting for drylands : guiding principles to welcome rain into your life and landscape. Volume 1, Rainsource Press, 2006.
  • Rainwater harvesting for drylands and beyond. Volume 2, Water-harvesting earthworks, Rainsource Press, 2008.

Lori Makarick and Kate Watters:

  • with Kristin Huisinga
  • River & Desert Plants of the Grand Canyon,  Mountain Press Publishing, 2006.

Kirti Mathura:

  • The Arizona low desert flower garden : a seasonal guide to bloom, height, color, and texture, Gibbs Smith, 2007.

Judy Mielke:

  • Native Plants for Southwestern Landscapes, University of Texas Press, 1993.

Doug Moore:

  • The Nature of Madera Canyon, Friends of Madera Canyon, 1999.

Nancy Morin and Jan Busco:

  • Native Plants for High Elevation Western Gardens, Fulcrum Publishing, 2003.

Mare Nazaire:

  • Field Guide to Forest & Mountain Plants of Northern Arizona, Judith Springer, Mark Daniels, and Mare Nazaire. Ecological Restoration Institute, 2010.

Meg Quinn:

  • Wildflowers of the Desert Southwest, Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2000.
  • Cacti of the Desert Southwest, Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2001.
  • Wildflowers of the Mountain Southwest, Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2003.

Frank Rose: 

  • Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press, 2011.
  • Mountain Trees of Southern Arizona, Arizona-Sonora Museum Press, 2012.

Deanna Sanner:

  • with Mark Pretti and Ted Mouras (ill.)
  • Interpretive Trail Guide to the Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Nature Conservancy of Arizona, 2001.

Barbara Tellman:

  • Arizona's changing rivers : how people have affected the rivers , Water Resources Research Center, University of Arizona, 1997.
  • The future of arid grasslands : identifying issues, seeking solutions, Rocky Mountain Research Station, 1998.
  • Invasive Exotic Species in the Sonoran Region, University of Arizona Press, 2002.
  • with Julie Stromberg:
  • Ecology and Conservation of the San Pedro River, University of Arizona Press, 2009.

Jan Loechell Turner and Charles A.Turner:

  • Jan Loechell Turner, Guide to Botanical Reference Books, Arizona State University, 1987 (This is an MS thesis and is quite out of date although it does contain the old classics).
  • Wildflowers of Canyon de Chelly, Rabbitbrush Publishing, 2005. (The 2nd edition, 2008, is currently in print.)
  • Wildflowers of Mesa Verde, Rabbitbrush Publishing, 2007.
  •  Wildflowers of Red Rocks Park, Rabbitbrush Publishing, 2009

Tom Van Devender:

  • with Mitchel McClaran:
  • The Desert Grassland, University of Arizona Press, 1995.
  • with Rafaela Paredes Aguilar and Richard Felger:
  • Cactaceas de Sonora, Mexico,  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press, 2000.
  • with David Yetman: 
  • Mayo ethnobotany : land, history, and traditional knowledge in northwest Mexico, University of California Press, 2002.       


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Wiens, John:

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Thomas Wiewandt:

  • Hidden Life of the Desert, Mountain Press Publishing Company, March 2010.
  • and Maureen Wilks:
  • The Southwest Inside Out: An Illustrated Guide to the Land and its History, Second Ed., Wild Horizons Publishing, 2004.