Front Cover: Night blooming cereus, peniocereus greggii
Cover illustration by Margaret Pope
Cover design by Paul Mirocha

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The Arizona Native Plant Society is a statewide nonprofit organization devoted to Arizona's native plants. Its purposes are to broaden knowledge and appreciation of plants and habitats native to Arizona and to work to protect those native plants and habitats.

Current Membership Rates

Students $15 (include ID#)
Individuals $30
Families $35
Organizations $50
Commercial $75
Plant Lover $100
Patron $500
Lifetime $1,000
Membership to AZNPS is tax deductible minus $12 for the Plant Press.


Your membership and support of AZNPS helps to ensure that our vital education, conservation, and plant sciences work continues to grow and bloom. Additional benefits include:

CHAPTER MEETINGS featuring educational programs on topics of interest to members. Join us and meet people with similar interests.
FIELD TRIPS led by local experts to natural communities throughout Arizona.
HAPPENINGS, an online newsletter informing you of each chapter's activities.
THE PLANT PRESS, a statewide journal, with articles on native plants, research and conservation.

WORKSHOPS offering educational programs hosted by regional chapters.

ANNUAL BOTANY MEETING is a two day conference featuring papers, posters and displays from botany professionals and scholars on day one, and botany field trips on day two.

Explore this web site to see what all AZNPS is up to and get involved!

Any questions about membership to AZNPS should be directed to the Administrative Assistant by email. Annual dues pertain to the fiscal year January 1 to December 31. Join our more than 500 enthusiastic members to pursue our important mission.