Barbershop Canyon



Hypericum scouleri


Scutellaria galericulata


Erigeron saxitilis


Polemonium foliosissimum



Coordinating Botanist: Glenn Rink


Status: Completed except for vetting previous collections


Started: 2008


Taxa List




Barbershop Canyon is a deeply incised drainage cut into the Coconino Sandstone of the Mogollon Rim, draining 20 miles to the north via East Clear Creek into the Little Colorado River. Vegetation on the ridges above ranges from Ponderosa Pine forest to mixed conifer at the upper elevations. These ridges and the upper draws host a more than 60 perennial springs, which contribute to the incredible diversity of plant species found in the area. The site is under Coconino National Forest management, and falls between Dick Hart Ridge and Dane Ridge, north of the Mogollon Rim Road #300. It encompasses Barbershop Canyon and its tributaries (including Dane Canyon), up to the point where the canyon meets East Clear Creek. A number of USFS dirt roads access the ridges between the tributaries and many of the springs in the upper draws. A few hiking trails drop into the canyons, but most hiking is rugged cross-country or boulder hopping up the canyon bottoms. Elevations range from 6500 at the confluence of Barbershop &Clear Creek, up to 7800 along the Rim Road.


Barbershop Canyon was the location of the first PAPAZ training trip in the summer of 2008. The specimens collected then were added to vouchers that Glenn Rink had been collecting in the area earlier that year. Subsequently, Glenn and several other botanists returned to continue the effort and cover portions of the area not visited previously. The vouchered list produced by this effort contains close to 450 taxa.