Bill Williams Mountain


Cimicifuga arizonica

Penstemon nudiflorus

Pericome caudata

Pyrola chlorantha



Coordinating Botanist:  Glenn Rink


Status:  In Progress


Started:  2012


Taxa List



Disporum Trachycarpum



Bill Williams Mountain lies to the south of Williams, Arizona in northern Arizona.  It provides the watershed for the town of Williams.  The mountain harbors many taxa known from further south, including the northernmost location for the rare Arizona Bugbane.  Two hundred and seventy eight taxa have been documented.  A few more trips and we’ll call this one done. 


The first systematic plant work was done by Jim David of Flagstaff in the 1960s, when he was a young man working during the summer for the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Moira Hazen, master’s student, apparently made extensive collections in the mid 1970s, but her collections have not been found.  Glenn Rink filled in many of the gaps in 2012 and 2013, and plans to re-visit the mountain in the next couple of years to complete this work.