Picture Canyon



Erysimum capitatum

Ribes cereum

Opuntia macrorhiza

Erigeron divergens



Coordinating Botanist:  Sue Holiday


Status:  In Progress


Started:  2012


Taxa List





Picture Canyon is found on the eastern edge of Flagstaff, Arizona.  It is part of the Rio de Flag drainage.  This is usually an ephemeral stream.  However, because of the reclaimed water from the Wildcat Hill Treatment Center, this part of the Rio has been flowing year round.  This area is also an archeological site which was the home of the Northen Sinagua people. 


This area was obtained from the state land department in 2012.  Restoration of the site is ongoing, the first phase of which restored the stream to a meander is completed.  Native plants have been restored to the site and volunteers spend time removing non-native invasive plants.


This PAPAZ project is to record the plants found in the area.  As the area has been ecologically modified, it will be interesting to compare the results after several years to see what plants remain and if new species become established. 


This area is located east of the Flagstaff Mall on Hwy 66 off the Paso Flagstaff Road.  More information can be found at the site Picture Canyon.  A working list for picture canyon was created by the Picture Canyon Working Group and includes 220 species of vascular plants.  Eighty eight specimens so far have been vouchered with nine species added to the list as new.  We are hoping to continue to find and voucher specimens and search for new additions for our list.