Anemopsis californica


Pediomelum megalanthum var. retrorsum


Penstemon thompsoniae


Phlox austromontana



Coordinating Botanist:  Gisela Kluwin and Vera Markgraf


Status:  In Progress


Started:  2012


Taxa List




This collection area encompasses BLM land east and southeast of Route 66 near Truxton.  Elevations range from 4,100 feet near Route 66 to 5,500 feet in the uplands further east.

Several biotic communities have been identified:  Riparian as in Truxton Canyon where a permanent spring sustains a grove of mature Cottonwoods and Godding's willows, desert scrub, mixed grassland/low shrub communities, and Pinyon/Juniper open woodlands in the upper elevations. Isolated large granitic rock outcrops and limestone ledges offer specialized habitat niches.

The entire area is heavily impacted by cattle grazing, and most, if not all of the springs have been capped or captured for cattle tanks. 

A working list based on voucher collections contains 262 taxa of vascular plants. It is anticipated that the field work on this project will be completed in 2015.