West Clear Creek



Potentilla thurberi


Silene laniciata


Monarda fistulosa


Asclepias asperula



Coordinating Botanist:  Wendy McBride


Status:  In Progress


Started:  2014


Taxa List



West Clear Creek is a major tributary to the Verde River and harbors numerous native plants and wildlife, including several migratory species. West Clear Creek Wilderness covers approximately 13,600 acres and includes 25 miles of West Clear Creek’s total 36-mile length. It is located within the Red Rock and Mogollon Rim Districts of the Coconino National Forest. This vascular flora encompasses the entirety of West Clear Creek Wilderness.

This flora is part of a graduate student project. The first collecting season was completed in 2014, and one more season will follow in 2015. Prior to this, approximately 350 vascular plant species were collected within the bounds of the wilderness (many by Richard Bond during for his Master’s research at ASU).