Sabino Springs Homeowners Association: Walking the Walk on Invasive Grasses

Posted Jul 27, 2019

The Conservation Task Force of the Sabino Springs HOA began consulting with Arizona National Golf Club in 2016 to determine the best ways to manage the invasive plants in their community and throughout the Golf Course. When the Sabino Springs HOA signed a lease to operate the Golf Course mid-2018, Dr. John Scheuring, Conservation Director of Arizona Native Plant Society, toured the course with Golf Course Superintendent Rick Darby to consult and advise an action plan to start control and eradication of a rapidly growing populations of buffelgrass and fountain grass. With all the needed Course improvements the recommended plan exceeded the scope of work that had already been scheduled on the Golf Course. The results are a textbook example of how to manage buffelgrass and fountain grass. Dr. Scheuring toured the Course again in June 2019 and was thoroughly pleased with the results of progress made by the Golf Course Maintenance Staff’s dedicated efforts. He noted “The results will become a best practice example to other Golf Courses and park areas throughout the Tucson Metropolitan area”.

Rick Darby,  Superintendent of Arizona National Golf Course