EcoQuest: Gander at Grasses

Posted Nov 11, 2021

The Phoenix Chapter collaborated with the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora on their October EcoQuest, Gander at Grasses.

We invited community members to use iNaturalist to observe and identify invasive fountain grass as well as several types of native grasses (Bouteloua, Aristida, Hilaria, and Muhlenbergia) highlighted in a handy native grass guide.

In total, over 140 observations were made of at least 10 different grass species. To see the observations, view the project page on iNaturalist. Also, all observations are still open to identifications. So, we invite you identify any species you can confirm.

Observation of Sixweeks grama (Bouteloua barbata) growing in a crack in the pavement. Photo credit: Lisa Rivera

We also encouraged participants to follow through with suggested calls to action, such as helping to prevent the spread of noxious fountain grass or adding native grass to their outdoor space. If you took action, thank you! We would love to hear about it, so please send us a message to let us know what action(s) you took.

See the project’s journal page for full details about the EcoQuest.

In addition, the Metro Phoenix EcoFlora hosted several free events related to grass identification and fountain grass research. Two presentations are available to watch on the EcoFlora’s YouTube page.