Be on the lookout for Stinknet!

Posted Jan 04, 2022

Responding to the copious winter rains, Stinknet (Onchosiphon pilluliferum) is currently emerging in the Phoenix area. This annual plant emerges in winter and early spring when there has been moisture (either due to rain or irrigation). It goes to seed and dies starting in April, posing a fire risk.

Stinknet is an Arizona Noxious weed that has rapidly infested the Phoenix metropolitan area over the past 5 years. The Stinknet history in Arizona was recently published in Plant Press Arizona. You can also read more about Stinknet on our Invasive Plants web page.

AZNPS has produced a trifold printable brochure with descriptions of this invasive plant, its growth, and its control. Please review the brochure and then take action to help control the spread of Stinknet!

Stinknet emerging in a parking lot.
It is best to control Stinknet as soon it emerges, so the plant will not have a chance to go to seed.
Stinknet plant flowering.
Stinknet plant flowering. Photo credits: Lisa Rivera
These images by Sue Rutman will help you to properly identify Stinknet.

Comments and questions about Stinknet can be addressed to our Conservation Chair, John Scheuring, at