Estelle Stern-Eilers is a Ben’s Bells Bellee

Posted Apr 13, 2022

Howard Weiss nominated Estelle for her work in the Rillito Bend neighborhood in Tucson and in April 2022 Estelle was awarded a Ben’s Bell.

Congratulations, Estelle!

Estelle Stern-Eilers has been the catalyst for improving and beautifying the Rillito Bend neighborhood in Tucson. Through her leadership and example she has identified streetscape projects along Cactus Boulevard that have resulted in the planting of hundreds of plants and trees. Her efforts have turned a once-barren street into a flowering desert landscape. She has organized neighborhood residents who have contributed hundreds of hours of their time to make a neighborhood beautiful while providing habitat for native species of plants, animals, birds and insects.

Our neighborhood and Tucson are better because of Estelle.