Sacred Thorn-apple

Datura wrightii

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Herb
In relative feet, width by height
7 X 4
Description Broad, deep green with a bluish tint
Flower Color White
Fruit Spiny
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Sun Full
Freeze Tolerance Poor
Ethnobotany/Medical Apache use plant juice, flower, roots as disinfectant. Cahuilla and others use leaf powder to make ointment for setting bones. Also used as antidote for tarantula, snake, spider and poisonous insect bites. In Cahuilla given to Shaman so he may visit the land of the dead and offer messages to those living. In other tribes given to medicine men to -see- the disease and give proper diagnosis. Used in numerous tribes in ceremonies marking boy initiation into manhood. Plant is the most poisonous narcotic known.
Water Needs Low, Moderate