Soaptree yucca

Yucca elata

This yucca is more common in the Chihuahuan Desert, but it does well at higher elevations in the Sonoran Desert. It can grow quite tall and it may form branches. When conditions are good it puts on a flowering stalk with many large, white, waxy flowers.

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Shrub, Tree
Longevity 30 (in years)
In relative feet, width by height
4 X 12
Elevation Found on mesas, desert washes, sandy plains, and grasslands from 1,500-6,000 ft (450-1900 m)
Description Very long and narrow, forming a rosette at the top of the stem
Flower Color White
Fruit A dry capsule that stays on the stalk.
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Sun Full
Spines or Thornes Yes
Water Needs Low