A Native Water Feature

They are luxurious oases in a desert landscape. However, many aquatic and wetland plants that are popularly used in backyard ponds can be highly invasive and have the potential to further threaten Arizona’s already imperiled riparian areas. Heavy rains can wash plant parts from our ponds and carry them off where they may eventually reach a wash or stream.

Bulfrogs are particularly invasive.

Crayfish can quickly destroy a natural habitat.

Also, avoid and watch out for invasive aquatic animals such as bullfrogs, mosquito fish, and crayfish. These species readily invade natural areas and destroy native plants and animals by eating them and introducing diseases.

Non-native turtles from pet stores are also harmful when they escape or are released into natural areas. Never release any pet into the wild: it is against the law, inhumane to the pet, and dangerous to native species.

If you suspect you have non-native invasive critters in your pond, contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department
(602-789-3500) for guidance.


Download a flyer about Backyard Ponds and Exotic Pests.