Arundo donax

In riparian communities, giant reed competes with cottonwood and willow trees for soil moisture and suppresses native seedlings. Giant reed provides less shade which increases water temperatures and alters aquatic wildlife habitat.

Arizona rosewood Vauquelinia californica
Grows into an erect shrub up to 20 ft tall that can also be pruned into a tree. Rosewood is a good hedge for privacy and wind control. The bark is gray to reddish and leaves are evergreen. It blooms in late spring with a 3 in cluster of tiny white flowers. Rosewood is a superb alternative to oleander as well.

Hop bush Dodonaea viscosa
At maturity, this evergreen shrub can reach 10 ft tall and wide. Small yellow flowers develop into attractive winged fruits that turn purplish in the fall. Quail and doves relish hop bush seeds. When planted 6-8 ft apart, hop bush creates an informal screen.

Quail bush Atriplex lentiformis
A fast growing, rounded shrub up to 8 ft tall and 12 ft wide. Blue-gray leaves of variable shape offset clusters of tiny greenish flowers that appear in late winter through spring. The fruit and seeds attract birds. Quail bush grows in most soil types and can be used for screening.