Vinca major

Like many invasive plants, its beauty is deceiving. Vinca is an aggressive groundcover with trailing stems that root wherever they touch the soil. It also resprouts from stem fragments, enabling it to spread rapidly along creeks and moist drainages, where it competes for resources and smothers native vegetation.

Goodding or desert verbena Glandularia gooddingii
A small herbaceous plant with fragrant lavender flowers that bloom following the rainy seasons. Short-lived yet fast growing, Goodding verbena reseeds itself continually, and attracts a variety of butterflies.

Summer Snow Plumbago scandens
A sprawling shrub reaching 4 ft tall and wide. Delicate white flowers bloom from spring to summer. During the fall and winter, the deep green foliage becomes reddish-purple. Plumbago leaves and roots are poisonous if ingested.

Desert four o’clock Mirabilis multiflora
This round-shaped small shrub (about 3 ft tall and wide) has marvelous reddish-purple flowers that bloom late spring through summer. Although the flowers fade by mid-morning, the blue-green leathery oval leaves are equally attractive.