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Our mission is to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and
restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats.

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We want to help you select local plants that thrive in our natural habitat but are also both beautiful and economical. This will result in plants that are easier to care for and better support our local ecosystem. Our Grow Native initiative is here to help show you the way!

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  • Wild Ride on a Roller Coaster, Spring 2023, Part 3
    What an incredible spring this has been and my story continues to the east to the Rincon Mountain foothills, March, April, and May and south to Santa Cruz County, May. Throughout February and March, the […]
  • Tucson saguaros in a “super bloom” thanks to winter rain
    John Scheuring, Conservation Committee Chairman for the Arizona Native Plant Society, appeared on TV-KOLD to talk about this. He said it’s been years since Tucson has seen this many saguaro blooms.“This year we had wonderful winter rains… “
  • High Altitude Native Plant Landscape Resource
    Plant choice, water conservation and much more is addressed in Flagstaff Fabulous Plants. Click below for full size two page brochure. BROCHURE / 17-a7 (az.gov)
  • Ironwood Forest National Monument, March and April
    Wild Ride on a Roller Coaster, Spring 2023, Part 2, Ironwood Forest National Monument, March and April. The contrast between the Ironwood Forest National Monument and Picacho Peak was startling. Though not far apart geographically speaking (about 13 miles as the raven flies), there was very little overlap in the species of wildflowers blooming.
  • Chiricahua Weekend Workshop 2023
    The Cochise Chapter will once again sponsor the traditional Chiricahua long weekend workshop at theSouthwestern Research Station in Portal. The dates are September 16-18. Registration will open in July and much more information about the […]
  • Wild Ride on a Roller Coaster, Spring 2023
    Spring 2023 Wildflowers- A Wild Ride on a Roller Coaster by Jillian Cowles. What an incredible spring this has been! Part 1, Picacho Peak, February and March. In over 45 years of living in southern Arizona, I had never seen Picacho Peak’s poppies in bloom.
  • Award Recognition given to Tom Orum and Nancy Ferguson
    Nancy Ferguson and Tom Orum were recognized with the Raymond M. Turner Award for lifetime achievement in science at Saguaro National Park.
  • Mystery plant – is it a weed?
    Dear Plant Nerd, My neighbor calls this weed/volunteer in my yard a “brittle bush”. I like the yellow flowers. Is it a keeper? If you call this a weed in front of us, we’ll give […]
  • Native Chile?
    Dear Plant Geek, is there an Arizona native chile? Yes, the chiltepin! It is our only local native chili and it’s native in a variety of habitats like in riparian areas, mesquite bosques, and rocky […]
  • The Beautiful Procession of Palo Verde Flowers
    by John Scheuring Across the Sonoran Desert regions of Arizona there is a prolonged Palo Verde bloom each year starting in late March, spanning the entire month of April and extending well into May. Blue […]


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