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Our mission is to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and
restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats.


We want to help you select local plants that thrive in our natural habitat but are also  both beautiful and economical. This will result in plants that are easier to care for and better support our local ecosystem. Our Grow Native initiative is here to help show you the way!

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Arizona Noxious Weed list is finally updated!

The updated Arizona State Noxious Weed List was approved through the governor’s office and became law on January 4, 2020. The last prior update was made in 2005. Several species have been dropped from the old list and many new ones have been added.

The Arizona Native Plant Society and the Southwest Vegetative Management Association (SWVMA) partnered to do the research and finalize the new list, to lobby the Department of Agriculture, and engage in active advocacy in public meetings. Thank you everyone for your efforts!

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