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Stinknet is Now Emerging in Phoenix and Tucson

Responding to the copious December rains, Stinknet (Onchosiphon pilluliferum)  is now emerging in known infested areas in both Phoenix and Tucson. Stinknet is a winter annual plant that can start to emerge in November and goes to seed and dies starting in April during wet winters. Stinknet is an Arizona Noxious weed that has rapidly infested the Phoenix metropolitan area over the past 5 years. It started a foothold in Tucson along I-10 starting around 2018. The stinknet history in Arizona was recently published in the Plant Press. In 2017 AZNPS produced a trifold printable brochure with descriptions of the plant, its growth and its control. You can read more about stinknet on our Invasive Plants web page . Comments and questions can be addressed to aznps.stinknet@gmail.com.

December 2021 emerging stinknet in a heavily infested area in NW Tucson
Stinknet emerging along Interstate 17 near Sunset Point. December 2021


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