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Our mission is to promote knowledge, appreciation, conservation, and
restoration of Arizona native plants and their habitats.


We want to help you select local plants that thrive in our natural habitat but are also  both beautiful and economical. This will result in plants that are easier to care for and better support our local ecosystem. Our Grow Native initiative is here to help show you the way!

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  • Maricopa Pollinator Pathway: Garden Certification Program for AZ
    The Maricopa Pollinator Pathway is a new initiative of the Maricopa Native Seed Library which helps to build interconnected pollinator habitat. The Pathway also offers a pollinator habitat certification program for Maricopa County and other low & intermediate desert areas of Arizona.
  • Native Plants for Desert Tortoises: 2022 Update
    The Phoenix Chapter collaborated with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to update the Native Plants for Desert Tortoises pamphlet. The native plants listed provide captive desert tortoises a nutritious diet. (These plants are also great choices for landscaping, even if you don’t have a tortoise!)
  • Remembering Pam McMillie
    Phoenix Chapter VP, Pam McMillie, passed away unexpectedly in September after experiencing health issues. Her loss has left us heartbroken and stunned. But, her giving spirit will live on through programs and activities she championed as a leader with AZNPS and other organizations.
  • Celebrate! Waterman Restoration Site
    The Arizona Native Plant Society and United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, October 22, 8:30 a.m. at the Waterman Restoration Site, located on […]
  • Happenings – Winter 2022-23 Newsletter
    The Fall edition of Happenings is now available! Read to learn more about activities of AZNPS chapters around the state.
  • Dear Plant Nerd,
    Help! We are Tucson homeowners and want to know of a nice tall, non toxic, bush we can plant for shade on the SW side of our home. The previous owners planted Oleander, which we […]
  • Wear gloves when you tackle those weeds.
    Spurge aka Euphorbia/Chamaesyce is a common weed that can be an irritant.
  • DEAR PLANT GEEK, Tell me about a really cool plant for the Sonoran Desert.
    The coral bean (Erythrina flabelliformis) is one of the coolest plants in southern Arizona. Deciduous shrub (in our region) usually growing to about 4’ high and wide. This is actually a tropical tree—our region used […]
  • A New Chapter Proposed for Tonto Basin Region
    AZNP Society has approved an interim chapter in Tonto Basin, AZ with meetings beginning in October. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Becky Settje at beckysettje@hotmail.com or on her Instagram account wild_rhody. Our meetings will include […]
  • Trailing Grama Grass (Bouteloua diversispicula) in Arizona: Recent Learnings
    Trailing Grama is a perennial native grass that in wet summers forms prolific solons that knit desert soils together in shallow rooted turf-like stands. And good news: this year for the first time there is clear evidence that Trailing Grama is outcompeting Bermudagrass along moist roadsides.

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