The Plant Atlas Project of Arizona (PAPAZ)

Documenting Arizona Plant Diversity

PAPAZ is a statewide partnership between the Arizona Native Plant Society, Grand Canyon Trust, Desert Botanical Garden, Northern Arizona University, Museum of Northern Arizona, and the U.S. Forest Service to document the diversity and distribution of Arizona’s flora.

Botanist Training

Our botanist training program is an important part of accomplishing our mission. We teach volunteers plant identification, collection, and documentation skills in field and classroom settings from regional experts. In turn, they bring high-level technical skills to assist with flora projects and documentation. This win-win proposition gives volunteers an opportunity to develop a valuable skill set and allows PAPAZ to expand the number of floristic studies.

Getting Involved

Training is offered on a demand basis, often tied to staffing up a new flora project. If you are interested in getting involved in northern and central Arizona flora projects, Email Here. If you are interested in southern Arizona flora projects, Email Here.

Explore the Arizona map below to see where we are working. Feel free to contact the lead botanist on a project for more information and to see how you can contribute.

PAPAZ Flora Project

Please click on one of the areas below on the map to see more details about this area, or you can click on the link directly in the listed locations.

1-Dragoon Mountains 2-Tortolita Mountains 3-Cienegas Creek 4-Lower Bear Canyon 5-Salero Ranch 6-Saddle Mountain 7-North Mountain Preserve 8-Cave Creek Regional Park 9-McDowell Sonoran Preserve 10-Sonoran Preserve 11-Agua Fria National Monument 12-North Gila Mountains 13-Upper Basin 14-Vermilion Cliffs 15-West Clear Creek 16-Grapevine Creek 17-Tent Rocks 18-Verde Valley Botanical Area 19-Fossile Creak 20-Upper Verde Valley 21-Hart Prairie 22-Truxton 23-Kanab Creek Wilderness 24-Saddle Mountain Wilderness 25-Barbershop Canyon 26-Bill Williams Mountain 27-Picture Canyon 28-Kaibab East Monocline 29-Kaibab Plateau