Maricopa Pollinator Pathway: Garden Certification Program for AZ

Posted Nov 08, 2022

The Maricopa Pollinator Pathway is a new initiative of the Maricopa Native Seed Library which helps to build interconnected pollinator habitat. The Pathway also offers a free pollinator habitat certification program for Maricopa County and other low & intermediate desert areas of Arizona (under 3000 feet elevation).

Danielle Carlock, the seed library’s founder, recently gave a presentation about the Maricopa Pollinator Pathway to the Phoenix Chapter. The presentation recording is available on the Arizona Native Plant Society’s YouTube channel. Watch to learn how to create pollinator habitat in your outdoor space using native plants. Then, certify your habitat with the Maricopa Pollinator Pathway!

The Phoenix Chapter assisted in the development of the habitat certification criteria. So, we are excited to help promote the Maricopa Pollinator Pathway and increase the number of pollinator-friendly gardens in Arizona. We encourage you to spread word about the program to your family, friends, and neighbors!