FILM RELEASE – Native Seeds: Supplying Restoration

Posted Jun 25, 2023

The International Network for Seed-based Restoration (INSR) is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Native Seeds: Supplying Restoration,” a nine-part video series about the native seed supply chain in the Western United States. Episodes will be posted weekly starting June 29 at The summer series will culminate in the release of a feature-length film version on August 24.

Filmed over four seasons, this documentary series explores the people working to scale up the supply of native seeds to meet the growing restoration demand, weaving together footage with seed collectors, farmers, researchers, and land managers across the Western United States. We see the extensive scale of damage to vast landscapes and meet tenacious people who are finding creative, scrappy solutions to restore ecosystems.

Thank you to the many PCA federal and non-federal cooperators who were involved in the funding and production of this video series!

Visit the PCA twitter (@natseedstrategy) or Facebook page (@PlantConservationAlliance) to view the trailer today. Updates about the series will be posted on these social media pages throughout the summer as the episodes are released.