Five Catalina Mountain Canyons

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Virtually all of the Catalina Mountain wet riparian canyon have been heavily infested with up to 12 different invasive plants and trees. The most common and conspicuous invasives are Fountaingrass, invasive Lovegrasses, Natalgrass, and bermudagrass. Starting in 2016 AZNPS led volunteers started progressively spot spraying invasive plants in all five of the wet riparian canyons on the west side of the Catalinas : Cargodera, Sutherland, Alamo, Romero, and Montrose. By 2022 a total of 6.5 miles had been treated with multiple resprays of all invasive species. The recovery of native plant species and growth has been spectacular. Besides native grasses, vines, wild cotton, and native tree species there has been an abundant emergence and growth of native rushes and cattails. Volunteers continue to spot spray invasive regrowth and are pushing further upstream to eventually restore entire canyons.