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Desert Lavender

Hyptis emoryi

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Shrub
Native to Arizona Yes!
Water Needs Low
Sun Full sun
Pollinators Bees
Has Spines No
In relative feet, width by height
4-6 × 3-5
Flowering Season February-November
Flower Color Purple
Minimum Temperature Range 25 °F
Leaf Description Wrinkly, covered in small light hairs, very fragrant
Fruit Tiny brown seeds in hairy capsules
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Elevation Range 500-4000 ft.
Description Desert Lavender is a wiry shrub with silver leaves, plus the square stems and opposite leaves characteristic of the mint family. This airy plant can reach 4-6 feet in height and develops spikes with whorls of light purple blooms. The foliage has a strong aroma of lavender, and can be harvested and utilized for the same purposes as Eurasian lavenders. Note that this plant generally occurs on sandy, gravelly soils with excellent drainage, plants will tend to develop slowly and less vigorously when planted in heavy clays, so planting in well drained locations, on mounds, or in soil amended for drainage is ideal. This plant looks good clustered in mass plantings, or interspersed with darker foliaged shrubs as an accent. Keep in mind that Desert Lavender is frost sensitive, so plant in a warm location, these plants are most appropriate for gardens under 4,000'