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Isocoma tenuisecta

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Perennial
Native to Arizona Yes!
Water Needs Low
Sun Full sun
Pollinators Bees, butterflies
Has Spines No
In relative feet, width by height
1-3' × 1-3'
Flowering Season August-October
Flower Color Yellow
Minimum Temperature Range 10-15 °F
Leaf Description Narrow with 4-8 lobes along the margin of each leaf
Fruit Dry, single seeded
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Elevation Range 2000-5500 ft.
Description A southeastern Arizona species found In hot, exposed locations. Often found in disturbed sites such as roadsides, grazing areas, or vacant lots. This species can be recognized by its thin cleft leaves with resinous glands, as well as its yellow blooms which appear in the late summer/fall. This species lends itself well to revegetation or planting in lightly managed areas at the margins of a property. This is certainly a drought tolerant plant, and its flowers serve as a good late season nectar source for butterflies and bees.