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Pringle's Clustervine

Jacquemontia pringlei

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Vines
Native to Arizona Yes!
Water Needs Low
Sun Partial shade
Pollinators Moths?
Has Spines No
In relative feet, width by height
3-6' × 3-6'
Flowering Season April-October
Flower Color Silver
Minimum Temperature Range 20-25 °F
Leaf Description Roughly ovate or heart shaped, rough textured
Fruit Small seeds
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Elevation Range 3000-4500 ft.
Description A vine which should be much more commonly cultivated! This plant is small for a vine, rarely reaching more then about 5 feet, but in the summer numerous silvery blooms, tinged with purple appear. In Arizona this species will only be commonly encountered in the Santa Catalina and Rincon mountains, however it can be cultivated in warm areas throughout the state. Given its tendency to grow on rocky slopes and utcrops, give this plant ample drainage when using as a landscape species. Consider planting under small, open trees like Kidneywood and Desert Willow, or grow as a mounding ground cover between shrubs.