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Rocky Mountain Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Tree
Native to Arizona Yes!
Water Needs Low (moderate at lower elevations)
Sun Full sun, partial shade
Pollinators Wind
Has Spines No
In relative feet, width by height
10-40' × 10-15'
Flowering Season April-June
Flower Color Fleshy cones
Minimum Temperature Range -45 °F
Leaf Description Scaly bluish needles
Fruit Blue "berries" Typically with two seeds
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Elevation Range 3500-9000 ft.
Description This juniper is well suited to cold hardy gardens in places like Flagstaff and Pinetop where its evergreen, fragrant foliage provides year-round visual interest. Pollen and fruit bearing cones are on separate plants, fruits provide forage for wildlife. This tree has bluish scaly foliage which has a somewhat "weeping" habit similar to cedar trees. The form is upright and pyramidal and plants can reach 30-40 ft though they are often much shorter than that.