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Golden Currant

Ribes aureum

Details & Attributes

Plant Type(s) Shrub
Native to Arizona Yes!
Water Needs Moderate-high
Sun Partial shade, shade
Pollinators Hummingbirds, butterflies
Has Spines No
In relative feet, width by height
4-6 × 4-6'
Freeze Tolerant Yes
Flowering Season March-June
Flower Color Yellow
Minimum Temperature Range -30 °F
Leaf Description Waxy, lobed leaves with pointed tips
Fruit Round, juicy fruits starting green/yellow and turning red/purple with age
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Elevation Range 4000-7000 ft.
Description Golden currant has a wide distribution across the American west, and is a good choice for high elevation gardens, though it can be grown at lower elevations with ample shade and moisture. This plant has lovely tubular yellow flowers with red throats, and produces juicy yellow to reddish berries. The berries are edible for humans and quite attractive to wildlife. Because this species is most often found along moist stream sides it is important to provide ample irrigation, especially as the plant is establishing. Plants are rhizomatous, meaning they can shoot up new runners from their root system, utlimately forming a small patch. Try planting with ash (Fraxinus velutina), lemonade berry (Rhus aromatica), and yarrow (Achillea millefolium)