Waterman Peak on IFNM

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Waterman Peak is one of the rare limestone formations in the Sonora Desert. This peak is home to Elephant trees, both Nichols Turkshead and Nichols Hedgehog cacti, and a rich diversity of alkali loving plants. There are also resident Desert Bighorn sheep. Since 2010 volunteers have identified fourteen patches of buffelgrass that was brought in by airborne seed spread. Buffelgrass control is urgent to check the rapid spread. Patches vary in size from 500 square feet to 28 acres at the Waterman restoration site, for a total of 45 acres, Since 2010 volunteers have carefully spot sprayed buffelgrass and allowed native plants to become re-established in their place. Spraying occurs recurrently up to three times per year, depending on moisture. By 2022 over 85% of the area has been cleared of buffelgrass and replaced with native plants.